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Pica Communications Microsoft Licensing Workshop Affiliate Program

Our Microsoft Licensing Workshops are a valuable addition to our partners' portfolios of services. The affiliate program allows partners to capture a share of the revenue from these classes by getting recognition for their marketing efforts. It also enhances their services portfolio and can deepen their understanding of their customers.

How the Affiliate Program Works

Every time we create a new workshop, we'll send you a link that lets you register as an affiliate for that event. You'll then get a link to the event registration that is unique to your organization.

You can embed the link in e-mail promotions, customer newsletters, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

When customers click on you link to register, the registration system credits your organization with that registration. You can access a Web site that will show you who has registered through your site.

When the workshop is complete, we will send you a referral fee for each person who registers through your promotional efforts. The referral fees is equal to 10% of the registration fee, and will vary from about $50 to about $370 per attendee.

Who Can Benefit from the Affiliate Program

Software asset specialists, who typically must deal with the licensing rules of many software publishers, may not be equipped to deal with the finer points of licensing for all of them. They can use our Microsoft Licensing Workshops to fill gaps in their clients' knowledge. Customers who take these classes will be better informed about Microsoft licensing policies and programs.

Management consultants who are looking for ways to enhance their clients skills and enable them to operate more effectively and at lower cost can encourage them to attend a licensing workshop.

Negotiators who specialize in helping their customers reduce software licensing costs will find these courses to be a valuable service. The negotiating team can spend more time on strategy, less time bringing their customers up to speed so they can understand how the strategy works.

Licensing specialists who are generalists or who specialize in software publishers other than Microsoft, can help their customers by pointing them to the Microsoft licensing workshops.

How to Become an Affiliate

Contact us at affiliates@picacommunications.com. We'll add you to our list and show you how Microsoft licensing workshops position you as a leader in serving your customers.