Pica works with many other companies, delivering training and Microsoft licensing expertise that complement their own services.

Many specialize in software asset management for a broad range of software vendors. Others specialize in licensing for other vendors, such as Oracle and IBM. We join with others in similar businesses,such as software negotiations, where our different strengths come together to ensure that complex engagements are managed in a timely fashion and the smartest Microsoft licensing folks on the planet put their heads together to help the customer.

If you'd like to be a Pica Communications Affiliate, please contact us. We have a formal affiliate program for organizations that want to offer our Microsoft Licensing Classes, which can provide income and supplement existing services for a broad range of partners. Other affiliations may or may not require a formal agreement. Not all of our affiliates are listed on this page, but here's a sample.

Affiliate List

Technology Asset Management LogoTechnology Asset Management, Inc.

Effective management of IT assets/licenses/contracts/vendors ensures maximum benefit from IT investments at minimal cost and with acceptable risk.

IBSMA education logoInternational Business Software Managers Association

Business-focused software management (SAM) professionals working together to develop and promote SAM best practices and education.

Emerset Consulting GrouipEmerset Consulting Group

Enabling large corporations to negotiate the most advantageous software licensing contracts.

Software Licensing Advisors logoSoftware Licensing Advisors

The customer's advocate for negotiating Microsoft agreements