Pica Communications' public Microsoft Licensing Workshop is a three-day workshop, while private workshops are organized around a customer's agenda, for one to four days.

Upcoming public workshops

Private workshops

3-Day Public Workshops

Three-day public worskhops are organized generally around five major subject areas.

We periodically modify the agenda for this workshop as Microsoft products and our workshop attendees' priorities change. A sample agenda (for 2014-2015) looks like this.

Day 1 Day 2
Licensing Concepts Virtualization Concepts
Software Assurance Virtual Desktop Licensing
Essential Resources Virtual Server Licensing
Windows Desktop Volume Licensing Concepts
Desktop Applications Essential Resources
Windows Server Open and Open Value
SQL Server Select/Select Plus
Exchange Server Enterprise Agreements
SharePoint Server Software Asset Management and Audits
Day 3  
Hosted and Online Services (including Office 365 and Azure)  
Negotiating the EA  
EA Strategies for 2015-2016  
Developer Tools and MSDN  
Tablets and Mobile Licensing  
Management and Security Servers  

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