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Corporate Licensing Workshops

Give someone a fish, feed them for a day.
Teach them to fish, feed them for a lifetime.

A Corporate Licensing Workshop is about much more than solving problems related to licensing Microsoft software. It's about about avoiding problems as well. It's about looking ahead on an initiative and knowing how you're going to license it and how much it should cost. It's about negotiating a contract, knowing all your options, and getting what you wanted without overpaying.

What a Corporate Licensing Workshop Delivers

The Corporate Licensing Workshop gives your staff a solid foundation on which to build a better understanding of their licensing options, business processes that ensure ongoing compliance and efficient license management, and options that can reduce costs and risks for your organization.

This workshop is conducted at your site, and offers not only knowledge, but an opportunity to bring together people in your company who need to work together and understand how their roles contribute to positive, efficient business and licensing processes. They'll save many hours sorting through complex licensing documentation in an effort to determine the relevant rules.

They'll be in a better position to discuss their options with Microsoft or their reseller, and they'll gain confidence that they're making the optimal choices to meet their requirements.

You get:

Benefits of the Corporate Licensing Workshop

At Pica Communications, we believe that organizations can't put the entire burden of Microsoft licensing on just one person. We've seen too many examples where lack of continuity, knowledge silos, and overworked staff have cost the organization dearly. Corporate Licensing Workshops are a great solution for organizations that want to bring a team up to speed on Microsoft licensing.